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Dryer Replacement Parts

Double K 9000II dryer accessory kit
A variety of useful pet-grooming accessories designed to accompany and enhance the Double K™ ChallengAir™ 9000II™ pet dryer. These high-quality accessories have a two-year warranty. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.
Price: $83.99
Filter for K-9 dryers
This washable and reusable filter fits pet dryers made by K-9
Price: $5.99
Filters for LSE dryers
Set of two filters to fit the "1836" and the Laredo forced air dryers. Easy clean and fast drying.
Price: $7.99
Flat Blower tip for K-9 Dryer
This replacement tip for K-9 blowers and pet dryers attaches easily to the end the hose and provides a wide, concentrated airflow for precision pet grooming.
Price: $12.49
Hose Clip
Durable metal clip to hold dryer hose securely to dryer body. Fits both the "1836" and the Laredo dryers.
Price: $4.99
Hose for K-9 dryer -10'
This replacement hose is designed to fit all K-9 Dryers.
Price: $42.00
Hose for LSE dryers
Uncrushable, industrial grade hose for the "1836" and the Laredo dryers. Hose is 10' in length. 1 1/2" diameter will fit many other forced air dryers, too!
Price: $29.99
Motor brushes for Challengair 2000XL
Set of two brushes for Challengair 2000XL dryer
Price: $16.95
Motor brushes for K-9II dryer
Replacement brushes for K-9II dryer.
Price: $14.99
Round Blower tip for K-9 Dryer
This blower tip includes the connector to attach it to a hose. Fits all K-9 Blowers and Dryers.
Price: $11.65
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